Zombie hoards set to descend on Brigg

Tourism, Museums and The Arts
10:00, Saturday, 29th August 2020

Hoards of zombies are set to descend on Brigg after a film company’s appeal for extras received a phenomenal response.

The company are now on the lookout for suitable filming locations in the area.

More than 100 people contacted Chicken In A Graveyard after North Lincolnshire Council publicised their plans to make a short horror film, with some of the filming taking place in Brigg.

The company wanted just five extras to act as zombies, but following the appeal for audition tapes they have increased this to at least 25.

An appeal for special effect make-up artists also met with scores of applications.

Auditions are still open – please email chickinagraveyard@gmail.com

  • Zombies need to submit an audition tape of their ‘best zombie’, with the subject ‘Undead Audition’ followed by their name.
  • Parts are unpaid but costume and make-up is supplied.
  • Anyone wanting to help with costume or make-up needs to put ‘Undead Makeup and Costume’ followed by their name in the subject heading, and include examples of their work.
  • Participants must be over 16, and under 18s will need parental permission.
  • Deadline for auditions and submissions is September 13.

Chicken In A Graveyard is also looking for spooky locations anywhere in the area – abandoned or old buildings preferred – with plenty of long, tight hallways.

Anyone with any suggestions is invited to get in touch.

The film – called Beginning Hour – has been inspired by the Resident Evil video game series. It will be shown at independent film festivals and film clubs.

The Brigg filming will take place at the top of Wrawby Street on 18 October from 5pm.

(Photo: Actress Jess Howden in costume for Beginning Hour)