Young carers and their families continue to be supported in North Lincolnshire

Council News
13:58, Tuesday, 14th April 2020

The Wellbeing and Young Carers Team is continuing to support and offer guidance for young carers across the county to keep them safe and well.  

The team is keeping in regular contact with young carers and their families over the phone, by text and emails. This includes providing advice, signposting to other support and liaising with other agencies to ensure their family has everything they need such as prescriptions and food supplies.  

New referrals to support young carers are still being dealt with and these families are being contacted to ensure they get the support they need.  

North Lincolnshire Council’s Wellbeing and Young Carers Team is committed to offering information, advice and support for young carers and their families. They can work alongside families to explore reducing excessive levels of young carer responsibilities and work with them to identify how it is affecting their life. 

More information for young carers and their families is available at the Support for young carers page at our website or by calling 01724 297000.   

North Lincolnshire Council commissions the Carers Support Service to deliver advice, information and support to adult and parent carers in North Lincolnshire. Further information can be found at  The Carers’ Support Service website  or by calling 01652 650585.