With freedom comes responsibility

Council News
08:50, Thursday, 15th July 2021

With many legal restrictions being lifted from Monday 19 July, Steve Pintus, Northern Lincolnshire’s Director of Public Health, is asking people to be responsible to protect themselves and the community.

Steve Pintus said:

“Many people have been looking forward to legal restrictions being relaxed, but with cases high and continuing to rise sharply in North Lincolnshire, we need to be cautious and use our best judgement to protect our communities.

“Step 4 does not mark the end of the need for caution and restraint. The Government continues to recommend wearing face coverings in crowded areas – such as on public transport.

“More people will be going back to their workplaces, with a recommendation of a gradual return over the summer.

“People should continue to meet outside if possible and limit the number, proximity and duration of social contact.

“Anyone with symptoms should still book a test and self-isolate along with anyone contacted by NHS track and trace.

“The success of the vaccine roll-out has allowed us to be in a position to cautiously return to a more normal life. But no vaccine is 100% effective and there are still people locally who have not yet come forward for their first jab.

“Being double vaccinated does not mean that you cannot transmit the virus and although you will not be as ill, you can still catch it. This variant is 60% more transmissible but following the guidance remains the most effective way of avoiding infection.

“The Baths Hall remains available for walk-in vaccinations and pop-up vaccination sessions are being arranged across the area. We still have a few days before the 19 July and we want as many adults as possible to have had their first jab along with the second jab after eight weeks.

“Stay safe.”