Why I am Proud to Care – Phillip’s story

People, Health and Care
09:46, Thursday, 29th October 2020

Compassionate, caring and committed people from all backgrounds are needed to answer the call and become care workers to support residents in North Lincolnshire.

Working in care, you will gain immense satisfaction by helping people on a daily basis, in a career that also offers flexibility and exciting opportunities for professional development.

To coincide with the launch of the new Proud to Care website, a one stop shop to connect people to care vacancies, we spoke to Phillip, a local care worker in the Scunthorpe area and asked him about his career, the qualities needed to care for others and why he is proud to care in North Lincolnshire.

Phillip wanted a job where he could make a real difference to people’s lives and which provided the flexibility to look after his young family. He found the perfect fit as a care worker.

He discovered he was able to use the skills he had already developed as a father to help those in need in the community.

Phillip explained:

“Often ‘good parenting’ is what care work is all about. Being a dad, you learn to listen, develop problem-solving skills and communicate clearly and kindly.

“Male carers can bring something that is so important to clients, we have valuable qualities that deserve to be used and recognised.”

If you are looking for a new job, the Proud to Care website has lots of helpful advice to help you get started. Launching your career in care, the right values can be just as important as qualifications and experience.

Asked what qualities he felt were beneficial in care work, Phillip said:

“Good listening and understanding skills help. Often clients can’t say what they want or what is troubling them, so you need to take time to really tune into what they are trying to say.

“You need patience to guide clients through – just as you do as a parent. Patience is a key quality; progress can be slow at times – you need to work at the client’s pace.”

For those that invest the time, supporting people as a care worker can be immensely rewarding, as Phillip describes:

“Clients constantly surprise me. Making the small breakthroughs is an amazing feeling. When you help them achieve something that they’ve never done before, those moments are priceless.”

Encouraging people to find out more and consider a career in care, he added:

“Care work provides rich rewards. I would say give it a go! I’ve known people who have changed their career to be able to work with people and help them, they never regretted it.”

If you think you have the potential to improve people’s lives, visit the Proud to Care website and kick start a career you can be proud of.