Vulnerable adults share their inspiring tribute to community spirit

Council News
10:40, Monday, 18th May 2020

A group of vulnerable adults and experts by experience have worked together and written an uplifting poem, paying tribute to the community spirit during the coronavirus outbreak.

The group were inspired by the ‘Do One Thing’ community response, which aims to highlight our fantastic community spirit and some of the wonderful acts of kindness which have been seen from people across North Lincolnshire.

After considering numerous projects the group decided on a poem as a way to express their support for the selfless actions of all of our key workers, who are currently battling the pandemic.

‘Our Poem: Thank you North Lincolnshire’ was a collaborative effort, with some adults supporting the writing of the poem, others contributing words which were special to them or helping with the rhyming.

The group are extremely proud of their work and would like to share their poem across North Lincolnshire.

Watch the group read their poem on our YouTube channel. You can also read the poem on our website [PDF, 2MB]