Thieves decimate park flower beds

Planning and Environment
14:20, Monday, 7th June 2021

Residents are being asked to be on the alert for anyone acting suspiciously following the theft of more than 900 freshly-planted perennials from Kingsway Gardens.

Selfish thieves have half-stripped newly planted beds in the award-winning Scunthorpe gardens.

It is thought the plants have been taken to sell, possibly at a market or car boot sale or via a local selling site.

North Lincolnshire Council is investing thousands of pounds in our parks and gardens, making them beautiful open spaces for exercise, horticultural interest and leisure.

The stunning displays in Kingsway Gardens have led to the park receiving the coveted Green Flag award, the international benchmark for parks and green spaces.

The council will be installing surveillance devices in the area.

Anyone who has seen plants being taken or knows anything else about the incident is urged to contact North Lincolnshire Council on 01724 297000 or via the form on our Contact Us page and the police on 101.