Support Pride 2021 with a day of virtual celebration

Council News
09:08, Wednesday, 30th June 2021

North Lincolnshire Council are celebrating Pride during July and marking the occasion with a day of virtual celebration – and #EveryonesInvited.

The Rainbow Flag will be raised in Church Square, as well as other council buildings, on 1 July and will fly throughout the month.

The socially-distanced ceremony will be attended by leader of North Lincolnshire Council Cllr Rob Waltham, Chief Executive Denise Hyde, Mayor of North Lincolnshire Cllr Peter Clarke and Max Lambie, Chair of Rainbow Youth North Lincs and Member of the North Lincolnshire Youth Council.

Cllr Waltham spoke about Pride; what it means and why it’s important. You can watch this video on YouTube.

Residents, schools and businesses are invited to send in their own pictures, photos and comments of what Pride means to them, using the hashtags #PrideNorthLincs and #EveryonesInvited.

You can also show your support and validation for our diverse LGBT+ community by introducing the rainbow flag to your home or workspace or wearing brightly-coloured clothing.

Content will be shared online on the day itself and during the whole of July.