Step it up for Recycle Week and help fight climate change

Bins, Waste and Recycling
12:49, Monday, 20th September 2021

Almost nine out of ten people in North Lincolnshire recycle – but everyone can do more to help save the planet.

This week is national Recycle Week, when everyone is asked to ‘Step It Up’ and recycle more to help beat climate change.

Just over half of all households are putting items in their general rubbish than can be recycled, particularly things such as shampoo bottles, foil, plastic trays and aerosols.

Cllr Rob Waltham, leader, North Lincolnshire Council, said: “There are more than 75,000 households in North Lincolnshire and each one of us can use this week to find a way of stepping up and recycling better.

“No one size fits all, which is why we have a wide range of choices when it comes to recycling everything from batteries to broken kettles.

“Recycle Week is a really important week of action across the UK and we are proud to be stepping up and taking part in securing a greener planet for future generations.”

The council has a huge variety of options on waste disposal and recycling, helping residents protect the environment.

As well as kerbside collections, the council also operates eight Household Recycling Centres and collects bulky items such as mattresses and settees.

Cllr David Rose, cabinet member for the environment, said: “North Lincolnshire is a county of recyclers but there is always more we can do, such as clear out unwanted electricals, recycle aerosols and donate unwanted clothing to charity.

“Swapping your brown bin for a home composter is a positive step many people can make. A year of home composting saves global warming gases equivalent to the amount of CO2 a washing machine produces in three months.”

Recycling currently saves 18 million tonnes of CO2 every year, which is the same as taking 12 million cars off the road.

Craig Stephens, Campaign Manager for Recycle Now, said: “This year we’re focussed on how recycling can help fight climate change and how by recycling even better we can have a bigger impact on our environment.

“Here in North Lincolnshire it’s no different – more and more of us are recycling, so the next step is to make sure we get our recycling right. So keep up the great work and let’s make North Lincolnshire’s recycling better than ever before!”

Information on waste disposal in North Lincolnshire, including composting tips and an A-Z of recycling, is available on the recycling page of our website.