Scunthorpe United F.C.’s latest signing pledges their support to the Fostering Friendly Scheme

Council News
14:33, Tuesday, 5th March 2024

Scunthorpe United’s latest sign-up is that of joining North Lincolnshire Council’s Fostering Friendly Scheme, supporting, and championing fostering in the community. Over the years, SUFC have always been family focussed and supportive of families in North Lincolnshire.

As an intrinsic part of the community, SUFC are proud to be part of the scheme, which not only encourages employers to support and recognise the roles of their employees who foster but also raises awareness of the inspirational work of our foster carers and a chance to offer different opportunities to children in care.

As part of the scheme, the club are going to work with the fostering team on upcoming campaigns raising awareness, offer tours to the young people and children in care, showcase materials to the public, join the team at networking events and more.

The collaboration is in full swing already as the club offered tickets to fostering households to attend their Community Day on Saturday 2 March when the club took on Chester and set a new attendance record of 7,511.

Glyn Sparks, Head of Partnerships at SUFC, said: “We’re excited and honoured to be a part of this scheme, working together to inspire, encourage and support the next generation.

“By offering insights to how a club works, matchday tours and working with the fostering team on upcoming campaigns, this is something that we feel is a natural collaboration in our offer as part of this community.

“Our community day was a success, and it was great to welcome everyone who loves football or those who were just looking for a day out to join in and celebrate with us.”

Cllr Julie Reed, cabinet member for children, families and communities, said: “We are thrilled to have SUFC sign up as a member of our Fostering Friendly Scheme.

“Seeing another organisation embracing a fostering friendly ethos reiterates further how our community comes together to support and showcase how all our children are our priorities.

“By supporting existing foster carers and championing fostering in the community, being a fostering friendly organisation is showing vital support for our local children and demonstrates SUFC’s ethos of being a socially responsible organisation.”

The Fostering Friendly Scheme in North Lincolnshire has been running for close to a year and in that time over 20 businesses and organisations have already pledged to support fostering in a variety of ways, each bespoke to their own organisation. Each member offers something different and may include offering work experience and adaptations to HR policies for foster carers in employment. Alongside SUFC, their official charity, Iron Foundation have also signed up to the scheme, as well as other members including Jackson Stapleton Accountants, OCG Legal, Brotherhood UK and LilyJam Designs.

For more information about upcoming SUFC matches and events, visit the SUFC club website.

To find out more about the Fostering Friendly Scheme or Fostering, contact the Fostering team today by emailing fostering@northlincs.gov.uk , calling 01724 297024 or visit the website to find out more.