Schools across North Lincolnshire share £220,000 funding for healthy living projects

Schools, Libraries and Learning
11:24, Wednesday, 30th January 2019

North Lincolnshire Council has invested nearly £220,000 in schools across the area to promote healthy lifestyles and support pupils with additional needs.

This investment follows on from the Annual Education Report, published in December, which highlighted how children and young people in North Lincolnshire are getting a better quality of education than ever before.

Two funding pots have been created for schools: SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) Capital Funding (£100,000) and Healthy Pupils’ Capital Grant Funding (£117,000).

All schools were able to bid for a share of the funding for 2018/19. In their bids, schools explained the project they were seeking funding for and the impact it would have on the children and young people within their school.

Healthy Pupils’ funding aims to improve children’s and young people’s physical and mental health by improving and increasing availability for physical activity, healthy eating, mental health and wellbeing, and medical conditions.

SEND funding supports schools to make adjustments in enabling children and young people with SEND to recognise and achieve their full potential.

Working together, the council and the education community of North Lincolnshire have set the ambition being one of the best local authority areas in England for learning outcomes, the quality of provision and for attendance and inclusion.

Cllr Rob Waltham, Leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said:

“Improving learning and wellbeing outcomes for all our children and funding for children and education are real priorities for our council. Ensuring schools have the best resources available for their pupils is really important to allow them to flourish.

“This is supported by the fact that in North Lincolnshire, nine out of ten schools are rated as good or outstanding by Ofsted – higher than the national average.

“We are fully committed to investing in schools in North Lincolnshire to provide the best possible learning environments and ensure the need for school places is met. Every child matters and we want each and every one of them to do their best.”

Cllr David Rose, cabinet member for children, families, learning and leisure, said:

“The Healthy Pupils’ and SEND funding give schools the opportunity to make a real difference for pupils’ education and health.

“Education outcomes for our children and young people in North Lincolnshire are continuing to improve, moving us closer to our ambition of being the best local authority area in the country. We are always striving for excellence and the funding will further strengthen our ambition.”

Take a look at the North Lincolnshire Annual Education Report.

Healthy Pupils’ funding has been established from money generated from the Government’s Soft Drinks Industry Levy. Each local authority has been allocated a capital grant for community and voluntary controlled schools.

Schools that have been successful with their Healthy Pupils’ bids include:

  • Bottesford Junior School will receive £9,000 for outdoor gym equipment
  • Crosby Primary School will receive £9,000 for inclusion outdoor environment
  • Enderby Road Infants will received £8,000 for a first aid room
  • Goxhill Primary School will receive £9,000 for their ‘trim trail’.
  • Haxey Primary School will receive £6,400 for their KS1 outdoor provision
  • John Harrison Primary School will receive £4,600 for a playground and bike shed improvements
  • Leys Farm Junior School will received £5,300 for outdoor gym equipment
  • Priory Lane Community School will receive £5,500 for a garden area for quiet space
  • Scunthorpe CofE Primary School will receive £9,000 for a green space/growing area and sensory garden
  • St Barnabas Primary School will receive £6,400 for nurture space
  • The Grange Primary will receive £9,000 to develop their KS2 playground
  • Winterton Infants School will receive £9,000 for a climbing wall
  • Baysgarth School will received £9,000 for outdoor gym equipment
  • Frederick Gough School will receive £8,900 for a quiet space for nurture
  • St Hugh’s School will receive £9,000 for a sunken trampoline and ICT engagement system

In response from feedback from the ‘Big Meet 2017′, schools were invited to bid for a share of the council’s capital funding made available to support Mainstream Inclusion SEND.

Schools that have been successful with their SEND bids include:

  • £9,000 each for Bottesford Infant School, Frodingham Infant School, Bottesford Junior School, Outwood Brumby, Haxey Primary School, St Martin’s Primary School, Sir John Nelthorpe School, Winterton Infants School, St Bernadette’s Primary School and Lincoln Gardens Primary School
  • £4,000 for Broughton Primary School
  • £6,000 for Eastoft Primary School