Residents and businesses take up our tree-planting challenge

Planning and Environment
11:14, Wednesday, 10th February 2021

North Lincolnshire Council’s ambitious pledge to see 172,000 trees planted across the region – one for every member of the population – is continuing to grow.

Gabby Taylor and Johnny Martin, owners of Willow Fields Campsite near Haxey, have registered the planting of 45 trees on their rural site, with more planned.

So far they have planted goat willow and oak, and are in the process of applying for a grant for hedging and even more trees.

“We also have wild cherry, silver birch, hawthorn and dog rose growing in the nursery pen for next year,” said Gabby.

Epworth resident Kay Clark has been working on her garden for the past five years and has planted around 50 trees, including a copper beech hedge as a windbreak.

She has also established three magnolias, flowering cherries, a yew hedge, silver birch, mountain ash, an olive tree and many more.

“I am an avid gardener,” said Kay.

Other recent plantings include Deb Hall, who has put ten broadleaved saplings in her Howsham garden for landscape and wildlife.

The council’s tree-planting vision is part of the Government-led Northern Forest scheme, which will see the planting of 50 million trees.

We are already advancing our plans to create pocket woodlands and extend existing plantings across the region, especially in urban areas.

We are asking local residents and businesses to help us reach our target by planting trees in their local area and then registering them on our tree counting map.

Even just a single sapling makes a difference to the environment, not just now but for generations to come.

Once you have planted your trees, please let us know via the form on our website, so we can mark your achievement and record progress towards the target.

(Picture: Johnny Martin, Gabby Taylor, son George (two) and Diesel the dog pictured with some of the trees in the nursery pen at Willow Fields Campsite)