Permanent book amnesty as library fines are abolished

Council News
10:50, Wednesday, 12th July 2023

Libraries across North Lincolnshire have swung open their doors and announced all library fines have been abolished, permanently.

Library members with mislaid or forgotten copies of Road Dahl, Stephen King or David Walliams no longer have to fear financial punishment upon their return.

North Lincolnshire Council recently made the decision to eliminate fines for the late return or renewal of books across all 14 of its libraries and trust the customers to use the service responsibly and return their books on time for others to enjoy.

Cllr John Davison, cabinet member for safer, stronger communities – Scunthorpe, Ashby and Bottesford said: “If anyone has library books hiding under their bed, in a cupboard or behind the sofa now is the time to hunt them out and return them to your local library, no questions asked and without facing any hefty fines.

“Whether they are weeks, months, years, or decades overdue, don’t be shy just bring them back.”

With the use of an app people can check out and renew books, anytime and anywhere.

They can also access e books, browse the catalogue, access other online services, and find their nearest library.

Cllr Carl Sherwood, cabinet member for safer, stronger communities, rural, said: “We are confident that taking the decision to abolish fines will not only encourage new people to join their local library but will see the return of members who maybe have not visited for a while due to fear of receiving a financial penalty on their account.

“We want everyone to be able to visit their local library and use the services time and time again, without worrying about fines.”

Residents can find out more about North Lincolnshire Libraries and where they are located within local communities on the North Lincolnshire Council website.