North Lincolnshire shines again: Outstanding support for care leavers recognised

People, Health and Care
09:05, Wednesday, 28th February 2024

North Lincolnshire continues to excel in the support for young people – with glowing praise from Ofsted for the exceptional support provided to care leavers.

Following the outstanding rating for children’s services overall in 2022, Ofsted inspectors have recognised the comprehensive and timely support given to care-experienced young people in a follow up inspection.

This support includes:

  • Stable and suitable accommodation that meets their needs.
  • Creative interventions to address challenges and empower them to achieve their goals.
  • Strong and supportive relationships with dedicated staff who go the extra mile.

Cllr Julie Reed, cabinet member for children and families, said: “The council’s biggest responsibility is to support our young people and enable children to be in their family, in their school and in their communities wherever possible. Where this is not possible, we do our upmost to provide the very best support and we have committed to continuing this throughout their lives.

“I am delighted that our team’s hard work has been recognised by inspectors. North Lincolnshire provides among the very best support for young people, and this is due to the hard work and dedication of all of our staff.

“We will continue to prioritise investing in our young people and this ongoing commitment was further reflected in the continued investment allocated to children and families in the recent council budget.”

Rachel Smith, North Lincolnshire Council’s director of children and families, said: “Our passionate staff are tirelessly dedicated to helping children, young people, and families. This well-deserved recognition from Ofsted is a testament to their outstanding work.”

Alison Barker, North Lincolnshire Council’s Chief Executive, said: “This validation from Ofsted reinforces what we already knew: North Lincolnshire has some of the best children’s services in the country. We are proud to empower all our children and families to thrive.

“This is a moment of celebration for North Lincolnshire, showcasing the exceptional care provided to its young people and paving the way for continued success.”