New hedging creates green corridor along major Scunthorpe road

Planning and Environment
16:19, Wednesday, 2nd March 2022

Four miles of hedging has been planted along a major arterial route in Scunthorpe as part of North Lincolnshire Council’s transformative Greening the Queensway project.

The 3,100 laurel plants will replace the existing fencing and reduce traffic noise, capture carbon, and provide wildlife habitats.

They will eventually grow into an impressive green corridor on either side of the two-mile stretch of road.

Cllr Rob Waltham, leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said: “It is fantastic to see how this project is coming on, it has really enhanced the Queensway. As a main route into the town centre this scheme will make a big difference to the residents who live nearby and for people on the approach into and out of town.

“We have already received lots of positive feedback from residents about the hedges, just as we did in the summer when the wildflower beds were in full bloom.

“Planting hedges is a simple idea that has a profound effect our communities by cleaning the air we breathe, cutting the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, enhancing our green spaces and reducing the risk of flooding.”

This latest environment enhancement comes after large swathes of grass banks along the Queensway have already been transformed into low-maintenance wild-flower meadows, with hundreds of trees also planned for the route.

The wider project will see a seamless link between Mortal Ash Hill’s meadow planting and the Queensway, creating four miles of continuous roadside wildlife habitats.

A £5,000 grant from the Royal Horticultural Society will help plant a further 7,500 sq metres of new meadow in 2022.

Cllr David Rose, cabinet member for the environment, said: “Enhancing our urban areas with trees, wildflower meadows and hedging has a huge impact both on the environment generally and just simply in terms of making the area a more pleasant place to be.

“We’re continuing to drive these projects through 2022 and will work with communities across Scunthorpe. There are some really simple things people can do to make a difference.”

The project is part of the council’s wider sustainable, environmental initiatives, which have been embedded in the 2022 council Budget.

A series of projects have seen the council reduce its carbon footprint by more than 60 per cent in the last decade, including trialling e-scooters in the town centre and giving businesses grants to invest in green technology.

Residents are encouraged to do their bit by planting trees and putting the details on the Trees and Hedges page of the council website so they can be added to the tree counter and map. Already more than 90,000 trees have been planted towards the aim of 172,000, one for every person in North Lincolnshire.