New green machines clean the air as well as the road

Bins, Waste and Recycling
12:16, Wednesday, 17th January 2024

A fleet of new state of the art road sweeping machines clean dust and pollution particles from the air as well as sweeping the road.

The new machines have an increased capacity and include a third arm that helps clean footpaths and remove weeds and rubbish more effectively.

As well as cleaning the air, they have an improved water circulation system that reduces the amount needed and increased suction. They also emit lower carbon emissions than older machines.

Cllr Neil Poole, cabinet member for environmental operations, said: “Everyone benefits from a cleaner North Lincolnshire, which is why this new investment in these first class street cleaning machines will be felt by everyone.

“So many people in our communities are already working hard by organising voluntary litter picking groups and planting borders and troughs ready for the spring.

“As well as investing in new equipment we are clamping down hard on litterers and fly-tippers with increased fines and prosecutions – this way we can all work together for a cleaner, greener North Lincolnshire.”

The new machines are already out working and can be spotted on streets across North Lincolnshire.

Pictured: Cllr Neil Poole at the wheel of one of the new sweepers