New care recruitment hub and agency bank makes it easier for people to start their life-changing career in care

People, Health and Care
12:19, Friday, 27th January 2023

Kind and compassionate people across North Lincolnshire are being urged to do something amazing this year and become care workers, keeping fellow residents safe and well in their community.

To help more people discover the hugely rewarding opportunities in adult social care a new care sector recruitment hub and agency bank has been launched.

Graphic showing two different routes to access care sector opportunities in North Lincolnshire - the new Recruitment Hub and Agency Bank

The agency bank will provide a flexible way for people to get back into work – boosting the local economy.

It is aimed at groups returning to work including health professionals, experienced retirees and those looking for flexible working hours due to family commitments.

Alternatively, for anyone considering starting a career in care, the recruitment hub training is the perfect opportunity to find out more.

Delivered over the course of five days, this Introduction to Care course equips learners with the skills necessary to secure a job in the sector, with the chance to shadow experienced workers to build confidence.

To find out more about the fantastic opportunities available, please call Ongo Recuitment: 01724 844848 or email: recruitment@ongo.co.uk.

Whichever route is the best fit for your family, there has never been a better time to work in care in North Lincolnshire.

You’ll be able to take advantage of exclusive benefits – including free childcare to March 2024 and subsidised electric transport.

Cllr Richard Hannigan is deputy leader of North Lincolnshire Council and cabinet member for adults and health. He said:

“The new care sector recruitment hub is a brilliant addition to the Proud to Care campaign and will play a crucial role in helping us to attract the kind and caring people we need to help residents stay safe and well.

“Flexibility is at the heart of the scheme. Lots of people have told us that they want to make a difference in care but haven’t felt able to commit to a full working week due to juggling the needs of their family.

“That’s where the recruitment hub comes in – enabling us to rapidly build an experienced, agile workforce that care providers can call on to help meet demand.

“For anyone considering a new career in 2023, working in care is a great option and the Introduction to Care course is the best way to get started, providing face to face training and e-learning to boost your skills. There is fast-tracked employment and best of all, it is completely free – there’s nothing to lose.”

To find all the local care jobs in one place, visit the Proud to Care North Lincolnshire website, where can also read more about the exclusive benefits.