Mick Gibbs appointed as Chair of ADCS Yorkshire and Humber region

12:09, Monday, 3rd February 2020

Mick Gibbs, Director of Children and Community Resilience at North Lincolnshire Council has taken up the role as Chair of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS).

In January Mick opened the eighth Yorkshire and Humber sector-led challenge event. He said:

“It was clear that new and aspiring leaders were bringing fresh thinking perfectly blended with a wealth of experience gained within the context of the current landscape.

“The event demonstrated a level playing field where experience, knowledge and skills from all the local authorities contributed to a collaborative approach to improvement. Still, colleagues can find themselves at the wrong end of an Ofsted judgement and having to embark on an intervention and improvement journey.

“Many colleagues have astutely articulated an ambition to reimagine the future, recognising that as system leaders we must work tirelessly if we are able to reach those aims articulated in 2017 of developing ‘a country that works for all children’.

“From what I have seen through my experience as a DCS, a member of ADCS, of having spent my career in the sector and now as a regional Chair, a strengths based approach to leadership reaps huge benefits and can be achieved with an environment of ‘high challenge – high support’.

“We don’t often get to choose what we do in a heavily regulated environment, but we do get a choice about how we lead at every level and across the whole sector.”

Further details can be found on the ADCS website.