Local vintage seller shows off her rainbow for Pride

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15:41, Friday, 26th July 2019

Miss Pigeon Vintage has been awarded the Best Pride Celebration 2019 after decorating her shop window with vintage wares in the colours of the rainbow flag.

During North Lincolnshire Pride Month, businesses across the area were invited to share how they were celebrating Pride as part of the competition.

The owner of the North Lincolnshire-based business, Hayley McPhun, decorated her box window at Scunthorpe’s Café INDIEpendent with vintage clothes, furniture, accessories and crockery in the six colours of the Rainbow Flag – the traditional symbol of LGBT+ Pride.

The local merchant used her window to educate people on the history of the Rainbow Flag, and what the colours represent; red is life, orange is healing, yellow is sunshine, green is nature, blue is harmony and purple is spirit.

The window display also encouraged passers-by to ‘Wear what you want with #Pride’.

Hayley said:

“I love Pride! I love the happiness and how inclusive it is, and how it celebrates love and people being who they are.

“We’ve still a long way to come with acceptance of the LGBTQI+ community and I hope that my box window on Scunthorpe’s High Street would make all people feel welcome into the diverse world of vintage; another place of happiness and celebration of individuality.

“Thank you North Lincolnshire Council for giving me the Best Pride Celebration 2019 award. I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to show the treasures I have in such a unique way.”

The Mayor of North Lincolnshire, Cllr Jonathan Evison, met up with Hayley at the Scunthorpe café to congratulate her on her display.

Cllr Evison said:

“This vintage window display is a creative and unique way to celebrate Pride and I’m sure it took a lot of planning to bring together the different items that make up this huge Rainbow Flag.

“I’m really pleased to see local independent businesses like Miss Pigeon Vintage getting involved with Pride Month in North Lincolnshire and I’d like to congratulate Hayley again on her fantastic window display.”