LiveWell North Lincolnshire – supporting people to live their best life

Community Advice and Support
09:11, Monday, 13th March 2023

LiveWell North Lincolnshire is the new, one and only online information hub that people will ever need.

With hundreds of services already listed, LiveWell is a wealth of information at everyone’s fingertips.

The new website has it all, organisations, support groups, community groups, events, and activities that are available across the county.

It is a joint initiative between North Lincolnshire Council, the North Lincolnshire Health and Care Partnership and other partners from across the public, voluntary and community sector. It caters for a wide range of needs and interests and aims to support people to keep well, connect with others and live their best life.

People will find group walks, coffee mornings, dance groups, yoga classes, reminiscence sessions, music therapy, events, support groups, activities for young people and much more.

Most of the information included is local but it is also includes the details of other organisations that may not be based locally but can support people living and working in North Lincolnshire.

LiveWell is a community tool that is completely free to use and with the help of the community can grow and develop into a useful asset for everyone to use.

Anyone who runs a community group, provides a service, organises events or activities are encouraged to create an account and add the details to the website.

Following a simple process someone can create an account via the LiveWell North Lincolnshire website and upload the details they want to share.

This one-stop information hub will help services reach a wider audience as well as keeping everyone informed about what is available to them locally, all in one place.

It includes information on how to get involved with volunteering, for people who want to offer their time and skills to support groups and activities in the area.

People can also access the LiveWell North Lincolnshire website at any of the community hubs, where staff are on hand to help individuals find information about things that are of interest to them.

If you want help setting up an account, contact the LiveWell Team by emailing enquiries@livewellnorthlincolnshire.org.uk who will be able to offer support.