Litter fine dodgers dealt with in court

Bins, Waste and Recycling
09:15, Friday, 13th August 2021

Six North Lincolnshire residents have been ordered to pay fines, plus court costs and a victim surcharge, after dropping litter.

The cumulative cost means they will now be forced to pay up to £440 for an original fine that could have cost them £100 – or nothing if they hadn’t dropped litter in the first place.

The prosecutions are part of our war on litter, which has resulted in 1,279 fines being handed out since the start of the scheme in November until the end of July.

The money is used to fund the litter enforcement scheme.

Working with partners LA Support, enforcement officers patrolling the region hand out fines to anyone caught dropping, throwing or depositing litter and leaving it on the ground.

This includes dog fouling and anyone throwing litter out of a vehicle.

We have also launched a new portal where residents can upload pictures and videos – including dash-cam footage – of anyone they witness littering or fly-tipping.

We will use the evidence to pursue the offender wherever possible.

Pursuing prosecutions is part of the more than £1m a year spent by the council cleaning up after other people.

This work is also supported by more than 1,000 community-minded volunteer litter pickers who cover the length and breadth of North Lincolnshire.