Green light given to Winteringham for its Neighbourhood Plan

15:11, Monday, 9th December 2019

Winteringham has been given the go ahead to progress with its Neighbourhood Plan for the next 10 to 15 years after being designated as a ‘Neighbourhood Area’

Winteringham Parish Council submitted an application to the council to have their area officially designated as a ‘Neighbourhood Area’

After a six week consultation in which local residents had their say on the application, the council has formally approved it

The steering group can now progress with the Neighbourhood Plan that could include setting out where new homes are built or which areas of open space are protected or enhanced, or what local facilities are needed in the future

Winteringham joins 11 other communities across North Lincolnshire that have been designated as Neighbourhood Areas

Following the designation of the Neighbourhood Area, work can progress on putting together the Neighbourhood Plan for Winteringham As the plan emerges there will be several opportunities for local people to have their say and provide input

Cllr Richard Hannigan, deputy leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said:

“Winteringham can now move forward with its Neighbourhood Plan, which will set out how the community develops over the next 10 to 15 years It is great to see Winteringham joining 11 other Designated Areas across North Lincolnshire, who can have an input on how their community grows

“We would welcome interest from any other communities in North Lincolnshire to create a Neighbourhood Plan”

Communities interested in neighbourhood planning should contact the council’s Place Planning and Housing team on 01724 297000 or 297573, or email spatialplanning@northlincsgovuk

More information is also available on the neighbourhood planning pages.

Designation of the Neighbourhood Area is the first stage of the neighbourhood planning process and will enable the parish council to start preparing a plan with the local community

Dr Christine Price, Chair of Winteringham Parish Council, said:

“Our new Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has come together to consider how we would like our parish to develop in the future We’re going to have an ‘open day’ in January 2020 to start our ‘Big Village Conversation’, following this up with a series of drop-in sessions throughout the coming year to get the views of the residents of Winteringham We hope to see lots of people there to have their say on how the parish develops over the next 15 to 20 years!”