Get the jab, get back to normal

Council News
09:37, Thursday, 24th June 2021

Northern Lincolnshire’s Director of Public Health is urging people to get the vaccine now as this will not only keep them and others safe but will also ensure that restrictions can be lifted in July.

Steve Pintus, said:

“Everyone aged over 18 can now get vaccinated and with no appointments needed at the Baths Hall it is easier than ever to get the jab. Locally the highest infection rates are in people aged between 20 and 30 years old – it is vital that these age groups get vaccinated quickly.

“The percentage of people who have had both stages of the vaccine will be one of the key figures that will be used by the Government to decide whether restrictions are lifted. So getting a vaccine is vital for us all getting back to normal. It will mean we can go on holiday, visit a nightclub, see a concert or be part of the crowd watching sport.

“The infection rate is rising across the Country, but still remains relatively low in North Lincolnshire. Areas close to us are seeing big rises and the evidence shows that we tend to follow with a lag of two to three weeks. This gives us a window of opportunity to get as many people vaccinated before the Delta variant takes hold in our area.

“As well as getting the vaccine we also need to continue with the precautions to stop the spread – getting a test if you have symptoms and self-isolate, good hand hygiene and social distancing, Free tests are also available for everybody.

“By us all playing our part we will be able to get back to a more normal life and be able to do all the things we enjoy.