Foster carers needed to provide safe and loving homes in North Lincolnshire

Council News
09:26, Friday, 7th May 2021

Foster carers are needed now more than ever to provide safe and loving homes for local children.

Throughout Foster Care Fortnight (10 to 23 May 2021) and focusing on this year’s theme of ‘Why We Care’, North Lincolnshire Council is raising awareness of the work foster carers do and how foster care transforms the lives of children and young people.

Foster carers come from all walks of life and do not need any specific qualifications to help make a huge difference to a young person. The council would love to hear from anyone who think they may have the room, time and love to give.

A virtual Fostering Information Event will be taking place on Thursday 27 May from 6pm, providing the opportunity to speak with the council’s ‘Outstanding’ team and to ask any questions you may have on the fostering journey.

To register your interest and get involved visit our website or call 01724 2967024.

Frances, a foster carer in North Lincolnshire said:

“My desire to foster came from my own childhood and life experience. I am the eldest of 10 siblings and raised four children within a military background. Since retiring I now have the time, space and wealth of knowledge in regards to children and their needs.”

“In my opinion, there are positives and advantages whatever age group you foster. Like all children there are ups and downs, but the rewards are also gratifying. To anyone thinking about fostering, do it. There are more rewards than pitfalls.”

You may not feel ready to foster, but the Information Event is the perfect opportunity to find out if it is right for you. If fostering isn’t something you feel able to do, help spread the word by letting others knows that foster carers are needed throughout North Lincolnshire. All are welcome to contact.

Corri and Barry have been fostering with North Lincolnshire Council for more than five years, they said:

“My children had grown up and we felt we still had a lot more to offer to those who needed it. We currently have a sibling group of three girls and have just been long-term matched so our girls will stay with us for as long as they need!”

“To anyone thinking about fostering. I would say to take your time but if you decide to go ahead it will never be dull and the rewards are priceless. Foster carers offer a positive possibility of a future they might not otherwise have had a chance to experience.”
Jade has been a foster carer for almost six years, she said:

“We came to North Lincolnshire Council as my mum was already a foster carer and we saw a need for respite carers. Although we initially enquired to provide respite on a weekend within a matter of weeks we had a young person in placement full time and it wasn’t long before we took a second young person. Now to date, we have fostered 11 young people ranging from ages 11 to 17.

“Fostering changes your life, it’s demanding in a way I never imagined but I wouldn’t change it.”

If you are unable to attend the digital information event, the Fostering Team are always on hand to talk about fostering and offer advice to anyone interested in starting their fostering journey.

Contact the Fostering Team by email fostering@northlincs.gov.uk, calling 01724 297000 or by texting ‘foster’ to 84433. Further information can also be found on our website.