Foster carers allowances to increase by more than 12 per cent

People, Health and Care
11:31, Monday, 20th March 2023

Foster carers across North Lincolnshire are set for an increase in allowances of more than 12 per cent.

The increase in the weekly payments – made when people are caring for children and young people – will start at the beginning of April.

Ahead of the new rates kicking in, a £25 a week uplift from February to the end of March has been confirmed by North Lincolnshire Council – which was recently given the highest ever rating by Ofsted for the care and support given to children and families, gaining four Outstanding ratings.

Cllr Julie Reed, cabinet member for children and families, said: “The care these people provide to the children who most need it across the area is incredible and they, like many others, have been subject to the impact of global inflation.

“A whole host of Government support has been provided to those most in need, from Council Tax discounts and direct payments worth hundreds of pounds for energy bills to protect people against the worst effects of inflation.

“We have committed to offer additional support which will enable people to continue to give children and young people a loving, stable home when they need one.”

The council has also committed to offering foster carers a full reduction in council tax whilst caring for children and have frozen general council tax for the coming year for all households across the area.

It comes as Government announced in the Spring Budget that tax relief for foster carers will rise from £10,000 to £18,140 per household from April this year, pro rated against on how much of the relevant tax year the carers have been approved to carry out their role.

At the same time, the extra relief carers receive for each person they care for will rise from £200 to £375 per week for each child under 11, and from £250 to £450 for older children and adults – measures will rise in line with inflation.

The North Lincolnshire Council foster carers are recognised for the fantastic stability, love and support they give to the children who need their care.

Other benefits include

  • The council’s Fostering Friendly Scheme supported by local employers
  • A strong and supportive local foster carer community who offer peer support, regular get-togethers and activities
  • A dedicated team who know the carers well and provide comprehensive support, information and training
  • Competitive allowances
  • Trips and events and free access to leisure and discounts to many activities across the area.

To start your foster care journey, text ‘foster’ to 84433, call 01724 297000 or email fostering@northlincs.gov.uk.

Further details about fostering including stories of existing foster carers can be found on the Fostering in North Lincolnshire page of our website.