Fines warning as council launches New Year clampdown to stop post-festive fly-tipping

Council News
11:00, Wednesday, 11th January 2023

People across North Lincolnshire are being warned to dispose of their rubbish properly or risk a punishing fine.

The amount of household waste thoughtlessly dumped on streets, at laybys, beauty spots and on the ground at recycling banks has previously increased following the festive period as people look for quick and cheap ways of offloading bags of rubbish and cardboard boxes that build up over Christmas.

Anyone caught dumping rubbish – or paying an unlicensed carrier to dump it – will be given a £400 fixed penalty notice as part of North Lincolnshire Council’s zero tolerance policy.

Cllr Rob Waltham, leader, North Lincolnshire Council, said “Keeping the streets of North Lincolnshire clean is part of our commitment to the environment – but it needs everyone to make it work.

“We have regular kerbside collections, household waste centres and collect bulky items for free – there is no excuse for fly-tipping.

“If you see anyone dumping rubbish report it to us – if you have photo or video evidence, you can upload to the council’s website.

“The council spends more than £1m of tax-payers’ money clearing up after other people – we could save that money or spend it on the most vulnerable people not a small minority of lazy, selfish people who think others should clean up after them.”

Every householder has a duty of care to ensure their waste is disposed of in the correct and legal manner – ignorance of having paid someone to remove waste to dispose of it is not a defence.

If you pay someone to take your rubbish away – often a rogue trader with a van usually found on social media – you can be slapped with a £400 fine yourself.

Officers always investigate and it is the householder’s responsibility to dispose of their rubbish properly and to check if the person they are paying is a licensed waste carrier.

For more information about the waste carrier’s register and rubbish disposal go to our waste and recycling webpages.

You can report fly-tipping, including photos of videos of anyone you see in the act, on our special portal.

Make a pledge to recycle more – go to our A Green Future webpage to join the many others who are promising to protect and enhance the environment by making small changes.