Fantastic results for Earth Day from mass litter-pick and wildflower operation

Planning and Environment
14:23, Thursday, 22nd April 2021

More than three tonnes of litter, 13 tyres and even a 45-gallon drum of waste oil have been cleared from the A18 – Mortal Ash Hill – in a mass operation that involved more than 300 volunteer hours and the planting of 20,000 sqm of wildflower seed.

It is a fitting way for North Lincolnshire to mark Earth Day, the international series of events demonstrating support for environmental protection.

The five-day operation, which finished yesterday (Wednesday 21 April), was a partnership between litter-picking volunteers and North Lincolnshire Council workers.

It is part of the council’s commitment to enhancing the local environment, especially the main routes into Scunthorpe, and creating a more sustainable future for North Lincolnshire.

Over the five days the teams –

  • Cleaned 16 cubic metres of assorted detritus from the highway
  • Cleared more than three tonnes of litter and other waste
  • Disposed of 13 car and lorry tyres and one 45-gallon drum of waste oil
  • Prepared 20,000 sqm of ground and sowed it with wildflower seeds
  • Completed 100,000 sqm of cutting, strimming and overhang work
  • Lifted 32 tree canopies
  • Erected anti-litter and fly-tipping signs in lay-bys
  • Collected three lots of evidence that has been referred to council Enforcement Officers

Around 40 volunteers from the region’s litter-picking groups took part in the clean-up, which involved lane restrictions and other measures to ensure works were safe and following Covid-19 restrictions.

Drivers should start to see the wildflowers, which are all native species, bloom by mid-summer.

Wayne Gammon, co-ordinator of Broughton Bloomin Wombles, said: “We have got together as a community litter picking and the litter picking aspect has brought the community together.

“We had the opportunity to get onto Mortal Ash Hill doing a clean-up. Everyone knows how disgusting it is but we’ve now been given this fantastic opportunity to clean it up.”

He added that the group has been well-supported by the council, providing equipment and collecting bags promptly.

North Lincolnshire Council spends more than £1 million a year cleaning up after other people, which involves emptying more than 1,800 bins a week and maintaining more than 31,500 miles of roadside verges and footpaths – if placed end to end this would stretch around the Earth one and a quarter times.

The clean-up is part of a wider campaign waging war on litter and fly-tipping and building up to the Great British Spring Clean, 28 May – 13 June.

If you want to volunteer collect to litter and help enhance your own community, contact 01724 297000 or email neighbourhoodservices@northlincs.gov.uk. We can help with advice and equipment and give you details of local groups.

For more information about Earth Day go to the official Earth Day website.