Do you remember the Flixborough disaster of 1974?

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12:37, Monday, 25th September 2023

Many people living and working in and around North Lincolnshire on Saturday 1 June 1974 will remember where they were when they heard the Nypro explosion near Flixborough.

North Lincolnshire Museum wants to collect these memories for a major new exhibition commemorating 50 years since the disaster.

Twenty-eight workers died when a massive vapour cloud at the Nypro chemical plant exploded.

Black and whit ephoto of Nypro chemical plant engulfed in black smoke

The blast, at around 4.53pm, was heard as far away as Grimsby and Doncaster and car windscreens and window panes were blown out. Fires burned on the site for days.

Property in Flixborough and the surrounding area was badly damaged and many people were injured.

At the time, it was Britain’s largest peacetime explosion.

The exhibition will tell the story of the event and the impact it had on people in the area, using eye-witness accounts, personal memories, photographs, video and historic objects.

The exhibition – to be called Flixborough 1974 – will run from May 2024 until November 2024.

Anyone who wants to share their memories can get in touch with North Lincolnshire Museum on 01724 297055, email museum@northlincs.gov.uk or reach out through any of their social media accounts.