Director of Children and Community Resilience – “Should working from home be the ‘new normal’?”

People, Health and Care
14:43, Friday, 17th July 2020

Mick Gibbs, Director of Children and Community Resilience at North Lincolnshire Council attended the Association of Directors of Childrens Services (ADCS) 2020 annual conference last week in his role as chair for Yorkshire and Humber Region.

At the meeting they discussed options about how the children’s workforce could return to the office environment. Mick said:

“Whether we adopt a “blended” or “hybrid” approach was just two ideas floated at the conference. Our ambition is to shape and influence “A country that works for all children” where individual workers manage highly complex situations and decision making, where we work to help children, young people and families, reduce inequalities and where the vital support our workforce provides is highly valued.

“Throughout “lockdown” we have seen the innovation, resilience and strength and flexibility of the workforce, embracing digital technology whilst still remaining active in the community to support children and families, always following national guidance as we go. However, many are keen to recapture working together in a way that supports personal connectivity.”

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