Council staff mow equivalent to 463 Wembley Stadiums in three weeks

Planning and Environment
11:58, Thursday, 17th June 2021

A dedicated team of grass-cutters and strimmers have been out across North Lincolnshire tackling the unprecedented growth on our verges and green spaces.

Last month was the fourth wettest May on record, resulting in 19 non-mowing days in a month that traditionally sees the highest grass growth.

It has been followed by a period of warmth and sunshine ideal for our newly planted wildflowers but also providing perfect conditions for grass to flourish.

As a result, North Lincolnshire Council maintenance staff have had to up their game and recently completed a grass cut of more than four million square metres in three weeks – the equivalent to mowing and strimming 463 Wembley Stadiums.

Staff will now go back to the beginning and start over again, ensuring there is never a time when the team are not cutting, as long as conditions allow.

Extra staff are being drafted in to clear public rights of way, many of which have become overgrown due to last month’s exceptional rainfall.

Residents have also stepped up to help enhance our unique landscape and have been cutting grass in the woodlands at Water’s Edge Country Park and the Humber Bridge viewing area in Barton.

Volunteers in Alkborough have also been at work clearing overgrowth, tidying up the car park, repairing the information board and fixing rotten fencing.

Cllr David Rose, Cabinet Member for Environment, North Lincolnshire Council, thanked the maintenance staff for the work they are putting in.

“We have a winning team here at North Lincolnshire Council who are dedicated to getting the right result despite the recent setbacks we have experienced with the weather.

“The pandemic has seen us value our precious parks and landscapes even more, and we will soon have great verges and green spaces again, thanks to our experienced team and the investment we have made into modern cutting equipment.”

The council maintains more than four million square metres of green land, open spaces and parks and more than 31,500 miles (500,000 km) of roadside verges and footpaths. If placed end to end this would stretch around the Earth one a quarter times.

Maintenance staff are currently trialling new cutting equipment that works effectively in wetter conditions, gives a neater cut and cuts closer to street furniture, which reduces the amount of strimming needed.