Council leader pledges to protect communities against fracking in North Lincolnshire

Planning and Environment
17:05, Wednesday, 5th October 2022

Cllr Rob Waltham, leader, North Lincolnshire Council, has said he will back communities who do not want fracking in North Lincolnshire.

“Global issues beyond the control of anyone here in the UK have had a massive impact on the cash in the back pockets of people in North Lincolnshire.

“The government has acted to ensure families – not just here but across the whole of the country – will be protected from the worst effects of global inflation in energy prices. This cash will ensure people can stay safe and well this winter alongside additional cash which will limit the impact on businesses to protect jobs.

“This reprieve is most welcome and comes alongside efforts to address the broader challenges in the market, not least continuing a commitment to net zero and, as a nation, becoming self-sufficient.

“Our Green Futures plan is embedded into the heart of everything we do as a council, protecting and enhancing our natural environment now and into the future.

“These net zero plans are genuine, they are ambitious and achievable however we recognise that our efforts towards this must not have a detrimental impact on business growth, job creation nor living standards.

“The industry which exists here in North Lincolnshire is an essential part of being able to maintain and improve the prosperity we enjoy here.

“It is also clear that this need to enable significant changes to the energy market cannot be at the expense of local communities nor protected landscapes.

“There are places across the country which support efforts to explore for shale gas, and it has been made clear that local support must exist.

“Here in North Lincolnshire our communities do not support it and we will ensure we protect these areas from it. At the end of the day, whatever the science may say, we consider fracking as an industrialisation of the countryside and as with other inappropriate developments we must be consistent in our opposition.”