Coronavirus: Statement from leader of North Lincolnshire Council

Council News
07:30, Friday, 20th March 2020

Statement from Rob Waltham, leader of North Lincolnshire Council:

“Your community needs you!

“We are facing challenging times as a council, as communities and as a country. We need to be good neighbours in the coming weeks to help people in our communities.

“New national guidelines will seriously limit social contact in response to the coronavirus outbreak. The pace of change is significant and we are now asking people to act as good neighbours so that the council can concentrate on the most vulnerable.

“This reflects the latest advice from Public Health England and the government. People aged over 70 along with others with underlying health conditions are currently advised to pay particularly strong regard to the public advice to reduce their social contact.

“North Lincolnshire Council will reshape its offer to ensure the most vulnerable are protected and local businesses, such as shops and pharmacies, together with our good neighbours, are being asked to help. Willing volunteers are asked to sign up by completing this form.

“From 4pm on Friday the teams which usually run libraries, leisure and recreational facilities, museums and children’s centres will be asked to re-focus their support onto our priorities and the most vulnerable people in our communities. The buildings will be closed to support this massive effort.

“Household waste and recycling will still be collected and recycling centres will remain open at this time. The registrar service will be available from Church Square House.

“I want to thank our team as they respond to these challenging times. Without their continued support, professionalism and compassion we would not be able to support those who need it most.

“If we do not know our neighbours we need to make an effort to do so. If we do know there are people in high risk groups, particularly those with underlying medical conditions, we need to make an effort to do so.

“We are urging businesses in retail and pharmacies to make contact with the council so we can find out how they can help residents.

“The next few days and weeks will be challenging however the resilience we have shown in crisis which have affected the communities of North Lincolnshire previously stand us in good stead to see this one through, particularly if we act as good neighbours helping with shopping, collecting prescriptions, and most off all giving a small amount of time to share a kind word with those people who may be spending significant periods of time alone.”