Almost £100,000 raised for good causes from community lottery

Community Advice and Support
11:01, Tuesday, 16th July 2019

Community and voluntary groups from across North Lincolnshire have shared £89,000 in funding from the Lincs Lotto, a report shows.

The Lincs Lotto is a community lottery which was developed almost two years ago to enable community groups to access vital funding. It supports North Lincolnshire Council’s priorities of growing the economy, keeping people safe and well and enabling communities to flourish.

Tickets for the weekly draw costs £1 with 60 per cent of the fee going to good causes. Players can win cash prizes between £25 and £25,000.

From the ticket price, 50p goes directly to one of 122 registered good causes of the player’s choosing and 10p goes to North Lincolnshire Council’s Community Grants Fund.

Now, a report being discussed by North Lincolnshire Council’s Cabinet at Church Square House, is seeking support for more people to buy tickets and more community groups to get involved.

The report states: “Organisations that sign up to Lincs Lotto have their own webpage on the Lincs Lotto site and access to support with ideas and materials for promotion to their community of supporters.

“The scheme generates additional income for local good causes as well as offering a sustainable approach to longer term funding for these causes and for the local community grant scheme.

“The council recognises that voluntary and community organisations across North Lincolnshire provide many services that help to make people and communities safe, well, prosperous and connected.

“Funding from Lincs Lotto is one of the ways we can enable groups to deliver projects that contribute to improving outcomes for the residents of North Lincolnshire.”

Since the first draw took place, many voluntary and community organisations have seen the financial benefit that registering for Lincs Lotto can bring. The lottery operates through the purchase of online tickets with weekly prize draws.

To date £52,000 has gone to local good causes with a further £37,000 generated to support organisations through the Community Grants Fund since the launch in September 2017. Most groups receiving amounts up to £500 per year with a small number gaining £1,000 or more.

Ticket sales for 2018/19 totalled £91,900 but it hoped this will increase by more voluntary and community organisations signing up to participate, in the hope this would drive more people towards buying tickets. It is hoped the figure will rise by 25 per cent by the end of 2020/21.

The scheme is run by an independent body from the council and as such does not give any cause for conflict of interest.