£466 fine for not carrying dog poo bags

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12:46, Thursday, 24th August 2023

The first two prosecutions under strict local rules about dog fouling have gone through the courts, with fines of £466 being handed out.

A recent ramping up of rules and a zero tolerance policy by council enforcement officers has led to a major clampdown on anyone seen not picking up after their dog or not carrying the means to pick up, both of which are a criminal offence.

Anyone seen breaking the law must give their details to council enforcement officers, and unpaid fines will be pursued by the courts.

Daniel Boothby, of Hereward Place in Scunthorpe, failed to pay a £100 fixed penalty notice after failing to pick up after his dog on Queensway.

The case went to Doncaster Magistrates’ Court where he pleaded guilty and was fined £100 with costs of £326.04 and a £40 victim surcharge – a total of £466.04.

Kim Seager, of Hereward Place, Scunthorpe, received a £100 fixed penalty notice for not carrying the means to pick up after her dog, also on Queensway.
She did not pay the fine and was slapped with the same amount when her case went before the court.

The recent ramping up of Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in North Lincolnshire came after local residents called for greater protection against nuisance behaviour and more stringent measures against perpetrators.

As well as dog fouling it also included new bans on town centre cycling, street drinking and begging.