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Information about activities available during school holidays to keep primary and secondary age pupils entertained; including suggestions to make healthy meals, and fun activities the whole family can join in.

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Christmas holidays

North Lincolnshire Council will be using the Department of Education grant funding to deliver the FUELLED Holiday Activity and Food programme to eligible children during the 2021 Christmas school holiday periods.

Children and young people aged 5-16 years old who are eligible for benefit assessed free school meals will be able to access free activities and healthy food throughout the Christmas holidays.

We are working with our partners to develop a programme of virtual and face to face activities. They include schools, local voluntary and community organisations and childcare providers.

How to book an activity

Once we have confirmed all the activities that will be available we will add a link to the booking site here.

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Useful information

The Fuelled Christmas Holiday Programme will give your child/children access to fun and free holiday club activities and online resources to engage with during the summer holiday.

Because we want to ensure that everyone has equal access to the activity programme we have set out a few basic rules for booking your child onto activities:

You can choose from two offers:

  1. Pick and mix activities: This is a range of standalone daily activities. Your child can book up to four of these activities per week.
  2. Courses (for teens aged 14+):  providing an opportunity for children and young people to learn a new skill during a week.  This includes dance, mentoring, lifeguard, sports, etc

All activities will include a healthy meal or snack each day.

Each child will be able to choose up to four weeks of activities.  Each week  your child will be able to choose one of following:

  •  Four x PICK and MIX activities (Chose up to four activities from the programme per week) or
  •  One course per week if 14+ years old (Programme of activities linked to learning a new skill)

We will send a postcard out to each child before the booking system goes live. It will have information about how to book activities for the Christmas holidays.

You will need to enter your unique code at the payment button to access the activity for free. You will find this code on your postcard.

The activities will take place in the Christmas Holidays from Friday 17 December to Tuesday 4 January.

If you are unable to find your code, or you have any other queries, please contact your school directly or email the HAF team (fuelled@northlincs.gov.uk) with the following information:

  • your child’s name
  • their date of birth
  • your address

If they are eligible, we will email you your unique reference number.

Alternatively, you can ring the holiday activities helpline on 01724 297270 (Monday to Friday, 10:00am to 4:00pm).

You will receive an email with confirmation of your child/children’s booking.

The provider of your child/children’s holiday provision will contact you to discuss any practical arrangements (arrival time, any COVID guidance, and any special requirements your child may have, including dietary needs).

If you have any queries and want to get in touch with the provider, please use the contact number that was on the booking page.  Please note: we will add a link here once the booking system goes live.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 allows us to hold information about children and families as part of our duty to support families.

However, the law says we must:

  • only hold information that we need for the delivery of the programme
  • only use the information for that reason
  • make sure the information we hold is accurate
  • keep the information only for as long as it is needed
  • make sure we only use the information lawfully and not breach your rights as the owner of this information
  • keep the information secure at all times.

We will need to share information about your child with the organisation who are providing the activities your child is booking to ensure that they can effectively deliver their activities as part of the programme.

Please read our Fuelled privacy statement.

Please contact the provider or email fuelled@northlincs.gov.uk if your child is unable to attend one of the activities and we will notify the provider.

All activities are aiming to be inclusive of your child needs. There are however a couple of activities that are specific to children with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND). If this is the case than this will be clearly stated. Each activity provides a description of what the activity will consist off and what your child can expect. Please book your child onto activities that you feel will meet their interest and ability.

The activity provider may be in touch with you to further understand your child’s need and discuss any additional support your child may need to engage in the activity they booked onto. If you wish to discuss your child’s needs with the provider then you can also contact them directly. All providers’ details can be accessed on the booking site. Please note: we will add a link to the booking site once it goes live.

We suggest you look at the Fuelled site first as some of the activities are available to everyone and others may have a charge which includes the price of food. Please also visit the activities for families webpage for other activities that are not part of the Fuelled project this Christmas.

Your child will qualify if all these statements apply:

  • your child is eligible for benefit assessed free school meals (FSM) or is a young carer or on a plan
  • you live in North Lincolnshire
  • your child is aged between 5 and 16 years.

Other questions or need help?

You can email us with any questions you may have at fuelled@northlincs.gov.uk , or ring our helpline on 01724 297270 (Monday to Friday, 10:00am to 4:00pm).