Tell us about a change

How to inform the council about a change to your circumstances – including change of address, change of tenant and single person discount.

New SMS text messaging service

The council (including Council Tax, Benefits, Business Rates and Debt Recovery teams) are now using SMS text messages to provide you with information about our services. Please note that these are only used in some cases and you should not rely on us sending you a text message to update you about your account.

If you would like to opt-out of receiving SMS text messages for Council Tax please email  counciltax@northlincs.gov.uk to confirm that you do not wish to receive information from us by SMS text message. You will need to give your account number, name and address so we can update your account accordingly.

The SMS text messages are sent by North Lincolnshire Council, and will show as “NL Council”. The sending of messages is a confidential service, your mobile number will not be shared with third parties and we will not send you any other marketing messages to your phone.

If we already have your mobile number in our system you will be signed up for the service automatically. If we don’t have your mobile number or your number has changed recently and you would like to receive SMS texts please send an email to counciltax@northlincs.gov.uk

Changes you should let us know about

Tell us as soon as possible if your household or circumstances have changed, or if you have moved house.

Any change of circumstances, which may affect your liability in relation to Council Tax must be notified to us within 21 days.  You can tell us about a change in your circumstances or apply for a discount or exemption by completing one of our online forms below.

If you do not know your Council Tax Account Reference number, you can still complete the forms, leaving the Account Reference number question blank.

Council Tax refund scams

We may sometimes contact you by e-mail so that we can process a refund, but we will never ask you to click on a link to claim a Council Tax refund. If you are in doubt as to whether an e-mail is genuine, you can contact the Council Tax team on 0300 3030164. Refunds will be paid by BACS to a valid bank account.

Our online forms

If the change in your circumstances is relating to a change of address, or you wish to apply for a discount, please select the correct link below:

Change of address

If you have moved house, or wish to register for the first time in our area, please use the Change of Address form below.

Change of circumstance

If you have had a name change or change in your household, please use the Change of Circumstance form below.

Change of tenant or ownership

If you are a landlord or their agent, tell us about a change of tenant at the property or change of ownership. (Please note this form should only be completed by a landlord or their agent)

Single person discount

If you wish to apply or cancel Single Person Discount, please use the forms below.

Register to vote from your new address

If you change your address, you will need to register to vote at your new address.

Contacting us about Council Tax, Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction

You can apply for any other Council Tax discount or exemption online. Alternatively, you can contact us:



0300 3030164

If you need to write to us:

Council Tax
North Lincolnshire Council
Church Square House
30-40 High Street
DN15 6NL