Housing strategy

Information about North Lincolnshire Council’s housing strategy, tenancy strategy and homelessness and rough sleeping strategy.

Our local priorities

Our housing strategy sets out local priorities for improving housing and meeting housing needs. This allows the limited available resources to be targeted in key areas to make a real difference.

Our strategy is based on housing research and other secondary information sources.

The Northern Lincolnshire Housing Strategy 2013-18 [PDF, 71Kb] sets out the plan to meet the housing needs of North Lincolnshire residents up to 2018.

The length of the overall housing strategy has been reduced to focus attention on the issues and proposals.

In addition to the overarching housing strategy there are a number of sub-sections covering the following:

  • meeting the varied and growing housing needs of all our communities
  • attractive and sustainable homes for all
  • homelessness is prevented
  • people live independently and crisis are prevented
  • learning disabilities housing priorities
  • everyone can afford to keep their home warm

Action plans for each of the above areas are currently in development.

The housing priorities for the area have resulted from reviewing a number of evidence base documents.

As part of the Localism Act (2011), each Local Authority must have a Tenancy Strategy [PDF, 92Kb] in place setting out the matters to which social landlords in the area must have regard to when setting their own tenancy policies.

Our Northern Lincolnshire Tenancy Strategy has been jointly prepared by North and North East Lincolnshire Councils.

The Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy 2019 – 2024 [PDF, 445Kb] sets out a new approach to ensure we fully understand homelessness, not just as a social issue to be viewed in isolation but where the individual and their environments are at the centre of that understanding.

The Strategy outlines six main priorities:

  • Greater understanding of the causes of rough sleeping with year on year reductions of the sleeping rough in North Lincolnshire. No-one sleeping rough by 2027.
  • Earlier interventions to prevent homelessness.
  • Provision of a wide range of appropriate, suitable accommodation for people who are homeless.
  • Providing targeted support focussing on tenancy related issues.
  • Maintaining and developing partnership working.
  • Improving health, well-being and resilience of our communities.

Action plans for each of the above priorities are currently in development.

The priorities outlined in the Strategy have resulted from reviewing a number of evidence base documents including consultation with partner organisations.