Council Tax scams

Council Tax reduction scam – Monday 18 May, 9am

Please be aware that there is a scam going around on email, allegedly from the Government, and you are being asked to ‘claim’ your Council Tax reduction. Please do not click on the link. If you are entitled to a reduction, it will be applied to your bill automatically by the council, you do not need to apply for it. The Government has no involvement in issuing Council Tax reduction.


BEWARE: fraudsters are taking advantage of the coronavirus crisis

During the coming weeks the Council will be supporting communities through a range of financial measures to help businesses and individuals during the coronavirus crisis.

Unfortunately, criminals are using the crisis to scam people out of their money and personal information by requesting information by text message, e-mail or social media on the pretext that they are the Council.

North Lincolnshire Council will never send you an unsolicited text message, e-mail or social media request to asking for your personal or financial information.

If you receive an unsolicited text message or an e-mail from North Lincolnshire Council asking you to provide personal or financial information….STOP…. It’s a scam.

For the latest information about how the council is providing financial support during the coronavirus crisis and how this support can be obtained go to our Coronavirus (COVID -19) webpages.

Further information on other Covid 19 fraud scams can be found on the Friends Against Scams website.



With the increase in use of technology, Council Tax scams are becoming more common.

Fraudsters contact tax payers through email, via text message or on the phone, inviting them to apply for a Council Tax refund. Personal details such as full name, date of birth, postcode and mother’s maiden name are often requested.

We are asking North Lincolnshire Council Tax payers to be aware of these types of scams. We will never contact you to invite you to apply for a Council Tax refund. If you are in doubt, contact us directly on 0300 303 0164 (option 5), or e-mail counciltax@northlincs.gov.uk.

Tips on how to keep your personal information safe:

  • Never reply to an unsolicited text or email message.
  • Never click on a link in a message unless you are absolutely sure where the link is taking you.
  • Always use a link to a website you know to be correct, or use a search engine to find the correct website.
  • Carefully read the message you have been sent. If the spelling or grammar isn’t correct, it is probably not genuine.
  • Always check the message or webpage for accuracy. The information contained on the website in this case is clearly inaccurate as it is taken from a legitimate webpage relating to Income Tax refunds.
  • Never provide your personal details to an unknown third party, in person, over the phone, or online.

News stories about Council Tax scams:



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