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Flixborough south walking route

Flixborough south walking route


Two and a half miles.


Flixborough Inn High Street, Flixborough.

From Scunthorpe take the B1430 Normanby Road towards Burton turning off onto Lodge Lane, at the Flixborough sign. Continue onto the High Street - the Flixborough Inn is on your right.


1. From the Flixborough Inn on High Street, follow the road towards Stather Road where it bends left, then right. At the right hand bend go through the waymarked kissing gate on your left and follow a winding path downhill.

2. Go through two more marked kissing gates carefully crossing the mineral railway line.

3. Ignoring an obvious path going downhill (this is your return journey), turn left following a path with a hedge on your left. Go through a gate and keep to the top of the field where the views are good.    

4. The path is pleasant going through thickets and another kissing gate before gradually winding down eventually to run alongside a metal fence. The path meets a wide track at a finger post, turn right, following the track ignoring a left hand turn which leads to a poultry farm.

5. As you approach a road ahead (this road is Stather Road leading back into the village) look for a waymarked path on your right. Turn right here following a headland path uphill.    

6. Go through a kissing gate following the path uphill and back to the railway line crossing met at point two.    


The area is on the edge of the escarpment, the outward route descending gently until point two and then following the scarp before dropping to the valley bottom at point four. 

From point five the route returns gently uphill. The paths are good and clear from two to four, after which a wide track/rough lane is followed to five.


Between one hour and one and a half hours at a leisurely pace to take in the views.


The Flixborough Inn.




OS Explorer 281 Ancholme Valley.

OS Explorer 280 Isle of Axholme.

You can also download a PDF version of the route: