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Owston Ferry walking route

Owston Ferry walking route


2.9 miles

2.4 miles


St.Martins Church, Church Street, Owston Ferry. From the M180, junction 2, take the A161 Gainsborough Road to Epworth; turn left at the traffic lights, following the signs to Owston Ferry.

As you enter the village, take the second right into Church Street. Be careful parking along here.


1. Go through the stone arch into the churchyard follow a path to the left of the church, which then bends round to the right to a small gate and into a road.

2. Turn left and almost immediately left onto a way marked path, passing at first a castle mound on the left and later a poultry farm.

3. Turn left onto the roadway for about 150 yards.

4. Opposite the poultry farm entrance, turn right along a way marked path, pass a hedge initially on your left and after crossing a small footbridge the path crosses a field towards a line of trees.

5. Cross the footbridge over Ferry Drain and turn left immediately.

6. The path opens up with the Warping Drain on the right and meets the road. Turn left and follow the road back into the village.

7. On reaching the square:

a) The longer route bends at first right and then left past the White Hart along North Street.

b) For the shortcut, turn left and the right into Croft Lane – this bends right, left and left again to meet the longer route at point 10.

8. Turn left down a track towards Ramor House.

9. Turn left over two stiles and along a track with paddocks on both sides.

10.At the track junction turn right along a path with gardens on the left.

11.At the road junction turn right and immediately left along Gashouse Lane.

12.At the road junction (Epworth Road) turn left.

13.Turn right into Church Street to finish the walk.     


Having passed through the Churchyard the path between two and three gently descends with a ditch on the left. Between three and four is a level straight roadway. Point four is just before a bend.

The path to point five crosses cropped fields. From five to six is a wide level grass path. Between six to seven pavements are followed. By crossing the flood wall, a grass path on the river bank can be taken to the Crooked Billet – not to be recommended during high tides. 

Pavements are used to point eight when a wide track is used. There are two quite high stiles at point nine and then good grass paths are followed to point 11. The quiet Gashouse Lane and gently rising pavements lead back to the Church.    


Allow between one and one and a half hours to complete the walk. 


The Crooked Billet, Silver Street 01427 728264.

White Hart, North Street 01427 728206.     


OS Explorer 280 Isle of Axholme.    



You can also download a PDF version of the route: