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Barton Ings and Highfield walking route

Barton Ings and Highfield walking route


3.1 miles


Waters' Edge Car Park. Follow Humber Bridge viewing area signs until Railway Station. Turn left along Waterside and almost immediately right along Maltkiln Lane, past Proudfoot Supermarket to the car park.     


1.Head towards the Haven, turning left along a surfaced path past Halls Ropewalk, through the supermarket car park to the entry on Maltkiln Lane.

2.Cross the road and take the pedestrian bridge across the Haven, crow Waterside using the central refuge, cross Castledyke West and walk up Fleetgate.

3.At the mini-roundabout, turn right and go straight ahead along West Acridge ignoring the first two side roads on the left.

4.Just before the road end, bear left and left again uphill up Western Drive.

5.Turn right, soon entering the tunnel under the A15, at the far end go up the steps onto a minor road.

6.Almost opposite Westfield Lodge, a finger post indicates the way along and down a field headland path, keeping to the left of the allotments and bearing left alongside the dyke to cross a footbridge to the road.

7.Turn left along Dam Road to the junction with Gravel Pit Road.

8.Turn right, down to the junction with Far Ings Road.

9.Turn right along Far Ings Road.

10.Turn left along a lane signed to The New Far Ings Visitor Centre.

11.Go up onto the Floodbank, turn right, carry on under the Humber Bridge.

12.Shortly before the main car park, turn right down the bank, through the trees, across the footbridge into this car park.

13.Take the surfaced path on the right across the grass, round the backs of houses into Waterside.

14.Cross the footbridge over Barton Haven and take the path diagonally right into the Water’s Edge car park.


Surfaced paths and pavements are followed to point four, more steeply up Western Drive, the route drops into the tunnel and up steps to a minor road to point six.

The route descends a good field headland path to a dyke crossing by footbridge to another minor road, Dam Road. The route is level to point eight and another road slopes down to point nine. These roads are quiet and are bordered by good grass verges.

Far Ings Road is a little busier with a good grass verge on the right, though this borders a dyke. The remainder of the route is basically level on good paths. Between 12 and 13 a variety of paths can be followed.

Surfaced paths, bisected by Waterside and the Bridge over the Haven, lead back to the car park.


Allow one-and-a-half hours to one and three-quarter hours at a leisurely pace.


Water’s Edge Visitor Centre café

Proudfoots Supermarket café and a good selection of pubs, cafes and takeaways in the town.


OS Explorer Sheet 281 Ancholme Valley


Water’s Edge Visitors Centre, Proudfoots Supermarket, The New Far Ings Visitor Centre, Humber Bridge viewing area.

You can download a PDF version of the route below: