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The insurance section carries out the following functions for North Lincolnshire Council:

  • Responsible for ensuring that the council’s assets are adequately and effectively insured, where required.
  • Arranging insurance to meet its legal liabilities.
  • Deals with all insurance claims made against the council.

For the purposes of the Ministry of Justice Reforms North Lincolnshire Council insurer details are as follows:
Zurich Municipal – Casualty Policy Number: QLA-03U005-0033

Please note, the Council’s insurance arrangements may change from time to time and updates will be available on this web site.

Additional information

Any claims correspondence submitted to any other council or school address may not be dealt with in a timely manner and will not be deemed to have been commenced in accordance with the Pre Action protocol.

For further information on the Council Insurance Service please see our insurance fraud page or, alternatively, you can find out how to make a claim against the council.