Parish and town council charter

Shared principles

We will commit ourselves to working in partnership, bringing together the strengths that each of us have for the good of local communities and North Lincolnshire as a whole.

We will respect and promote the role of elected councillors of both North Lincolnshire Council and parish and town councils as democratic representatives of their communities.

We will maintain appropriate and effective channels of communication and consultation between our councils on new initiatives and in the provision of local services.

We will give equal importance and recognition to issues and ideas raised at each level of local government.

Shared purpose

We recognise that North Lincolnshire Council and parish and town councils share objectives to further the interests of the people of North Lincolnshire. This charter aims to provide a clear and mutual understanding of roles and expectations, build on and develop good working relationships between us, and promote co-operation and partnership within and beyond the statutory frameworks.

Shared co-operation

North Lincolnshire Council recognises that parish and town councils may have a view on proposed changes in service provision, and will make reasonable efforts to consult parish and town councils on such proposals.

Parish and town councils recognise that North Lincolnshire Council may have a view on proposals affecting matters within North Lincolnshire Council jurisdiction. Before reaching decision on matters outside their direct control, parish and town councils will seek advice from North Lincolnshire Council as to whether they have an interest.

North Lincolnshire Council is prepared to explore the possibility of devolving responsibility for some services and functions to parish and town councils, or of entering into agency agreements for the delivery of some services and functions. North Lincolnshire Council will however wish to have regard to the effect of such arrangements on service delivery locally and elsewhere, and also on the need to provide the best value for money for all the residents of North Lincolnshire.

Complementary expectations

Parish and town councils can expect from North Lincolnshire Council:

  • relevant information on issues about which they are asked to form views
  • realistic time periods for consultation
  • real and meaningful processes for parish and town council views to be represented and taken into account when formal decisions are to be taken
  • prompt notification of decisions taken, together with written explanations of significant variance from expressed parish and town council views,where this is requested
  • the availability of appropriate officers or members to assist parish and town councils in discussions on significant issues
  • the opportunity to take part in regular parish and town council liaison meetings focussing on issues of common interest
  • a willingness to seek mutually satisfactory solution in areas of difficulty

North Lincolnshire Council can expect from parish and town councils:

  • a realistic response to the matter being considered, taking into account relevant statutory and policy considerations
  • a considered response during the consultation period
  • sharing of information on issues of common interest
  • opportunities for local ward members to attend meetings of their parish and town councils and receive minutes, agendas and other relevant information
  • respect for the formal democratic decision of North Lincolnshire Council
  • constructive participation from representatives at parish and town council liaison meetings
  • a willingness to seek a mutually satisfactory solution in areas of difficulty

Managing the Charter

The Charter and its effectiveness in operation will be reviewed annually as a standing agenda item for the periodic liaison meetings between North Lincolnshire Council and parish and town councils. A Charter review group will be constituted to consider in detail any issues that arise from that discussion.

Parish and town councils may at any time raise any issue in connection with the operation of the Charter with their local ward councillor, or with the Chief Executive of North Lincolnshire Council.

North Lincolnshire Council may at any time raise any issue in connection with the operation of the Charter by setting the matter out in writing.

Download a copy

A copy of the charter [PDF, 337Kb] is available.