Open Data

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Guidance provided on this page relates to Open Data and Open Datasets only, other publications or datasets may be subject to different rules, licences or re-use requirements.

In line with the Local Government Transparency Code 2015, we are committed to being open and transparent. A list of all current open datasets is available on our website.

Our Publication Scheme provides an inventory of data we make publically available and Open Datasets are also published on the national site DATA.gov.uk.


For further information please contact the council’s Information Governance Advisor via informationgovernanceteam@northlincs.gov.uk.

The data we hold is made freely available to allow re-use by the public whenever possible. The aim for the Open Data Initiative is to:

  • Make non-personal data open so that it can be turned into useful applications
  • Support transparency and accountability
  • Make sharing data between public sector partners more efficient

A ‘Dataset’ means a collection of source data (usually presented in a table) in an electronic form where the majority of the data has been obtained to provide us with intelligence on services and/or functions. Datasets generally include raw, original data, with no analysis or interpretation other than relevant calculations. Usually there is no explanatory or comparative data. This would be published alongside the dataset if necessary.

Any of the datasets published in the Open Data section can be re-used to for example create apps or link directly to your website. Any re-use of the data sets must be in accordance to the Open Government Licence that explains what you can and cannot do with the data.


Datasets contained in the Publication Scheme may be subject to different re-use licences.

Please click here to access the Open Datasets we publish.