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CCTV Policy

The council’s policy for CCTV is set out in the CCTV Policy [PDF, 332Kb].


Why do we need CCTV?

We use CCTV cameras to increase personal security and create a safer environment, to enhance property and vehicle security, and to reduce the fear of crime; helping to make North Lincolnshire a safer place to live and work.


Where are council operated CCTV cameras used?

We have 175 CCTV cameras positioned in Brigg, Crowle, Epworth, Scunthorpe and Winterton town centres, and other public places, such as car parks, council buildings, sports facilities and recycling centres.

These are the current CCTV camera locations in North Lincolnshire [PDF, 37Kb] operated by the council.

Locally operated cameras also operate in and around some other council buildings and in the immediate external site area.

Cameras are also fitted to our refuse collection vehicles and body worn cameras are worn by our Community Wardens for the health and safety of employees and members of the public, but the images may also be used to investigate accidents and/or incidents including abuse towards our crews/wardens.


When do the cameras operate?

Our CCTV Control Centre operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year providing instant responses to incidents in direct contact with the Humberside Police control room.


How long is the CCTV footage kept?

Street camera recordings are kept for 31 days and images from cameras used for the security of council buildings are kept for 7 to 28 days unless there is a business reason to keep them longer, such as where the images provide evidence as part of an investigation.  All images are destroyed when they reach the end of the retention period, unless there is a business reason to keep them longer.


Can I request CCTV image information?

Everyone has the right to request CCTV image information under either the General Data Protection Regulation legislation for personal information or the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for other CCTV image information.

Data Protection legislation provides individuals with the right to request CCTV images that contain their own personal information by making a Subject Access Request (SAR).  The FOIA provides a route of access to general information.

Please see the Freedom of Information, Subject Access Request and Investigatory Requests webpages for details of how to make a request for information.  The Request CCTV Footage of Yourself Gov.UK website provides some additional information.

Details on how to request CCTV image information is shown on page 9 of the CCTV Policy [PDF, 332Kb].


For further detail please contact the council’s Information Governance Advisor via informationgovernanceteam@northlincs.gov.uk.