Audit Committee

Although not mandatory, it is good practice for local councils to have an audit committee. An effective audit committee should be independent from the council’s cabinet and scrutiny functions.

North Lincolnshire’s Audit Committee was established in May 2006 and meets approximately four times a year to address council business relating to:

  • internal audit, risk management, counter fraud work;
  • external audit and inspection reports;
  • value for money arrangements;
  • enhancing good governance;
  • reviewing and approving the council’s Annual Governance Statement;
  • reviewing and approving the council’s final audited accounts; and
  • providing members with appropriate training to specialise in these areas.

Our Audit Committee has seven members (four conservative and three labour). The chairman is not a member of the council’s cabinet.

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Members of the Audit Committee

Councillors (7 members):

  • Ivan Glover (Conservative) (Chairman)
  • Trevor Foster (Conservative) (Vice-Chairman)
  • Peter Clark (Conservative)
  • Tony Gosling (Labour)
  • Mark Kirk (Labour)
  • Barbara Perry (Labour)
  • Keith Vickers (Conservative)


Monday to Thursday 9 am to 5 pm

Friday 9 am to 4.30 pm

Matthew Nundy,
Senior Democratic Services Officer
01724 296014