Traffic lights

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Placement of traffic lights

Traffic lights may be installed:

  • Because of possible traffic hazards;
  • To manage traffic flows from new developments and other places such as schools or leisure centres. In some cases developers will finance new signals.

Report a problem with our traffic lights

Alternatively, you can contact us by email or telephone.

Temporary traffic lights

Temporary traffic lights normally control traffic at road works carried out by the council, private contractor or statutory undertakers (gas, electric, water).

If the temporary traffic lights are not working or there are long delays, please look for the courtesy board with the company name and contact details. If you phone them they should send someone out to correct the problem.

There is a procedure for individuals or companies who wish to use temporary traffic lights on the road. For guidance notes and an application form, please feel free to contact the Traffic team.

A Traffic Officer can arrange a site meeting to discuss the proposed location of works. They can also discuss the proposed start and end dates for the works to take place.


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