Can I ask for a speed limit to be changed?

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Speed Limits

Speed limits in North Lincolnshire are set using national criteria and guidance produced by the Department for Transport (DFT).

Following consultations, the DFT updated this guidance in 2011. As a result, a wide ranging review of speed limits within North Lincolnshire has taken place on all A and B class roads. Most speed limit changes have already taken place, however other changes may take place where it is appropriate.

The updated guidance should help to improve the consistency of how each speed limit was applied to a road, taking into account the nature of the road, housing and buildings, casualties and existing speed data.

Speed is a factor in about one third of crashes on the road in the UK. In urban areas, speeding vehicles can affect the quality of life in many communities.

Speed limits are introduced to improve road safety. The speed of vehicles is influenced in two ways:

  • Legislative – speed limits
  • Physical – traffic calming

Information on speed limits on different types of road is found in the Highway Code.

How do I request a speed limit change?

If you think a speed limit should be lowered, raised or extended please contact the Traffic Team. We will then assess your request.

We will ask the police for their view on a change in the speed limit. We will also take into account:

  • The nature of the road, including its alignment
  • Level of activity alongside the road
  • Road casualty record
  • Affect caused to a community by the speed of vehicles

In urban areas the speed limit should look and feel right for the road if drivers are to keep to it. Before making a decision to change a speed limit the council must consider all relevant factors. These include:

  • Expected reduction in crashes on the road
  • Improvement to the environment
  • Reduction in public anxiety
  • Improved facilities for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists
  • Delays to traffic
  • Cost of changing the speed limit
  • Cost of putting in and maintaining changes to the road (for example, signs and lines)
  • Cost of police enforcement, particularly where the speed limit is seen as unreasonable by drivers

If justified, a new speed limit order will need to be made. The legal process for this takes around nine months to complete.

If a road has street lights and no repeater signs then the speed limit is 30mph. The council is not allowed to put up repeater signs on these roads.

If you wish to report a missing or vandalised speed limit sign please contact the Traffic Team on traffic@northlincs.gov.uk or by calling the Customer Contact Centre on 01724 297000.


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