Street lighting

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The council is responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of all street lights, lighting columns and lampposts in North Lincolnshire.

There are currently around 22,800 street light columns and 2,300 illuminated traffic signs and bollards to look after.

How do I report a problem?

To report a problem with a street light (lamppost), an illuminated traffic sign or a bollard please use our Highway problem reporting form. If you are reporting a problem please leave your contact details where possible as we may need some further information about the fault.

In an emergency outside normal office hours contact 01724 276444

An emergency is classed as:

  • three or more columns in a row not working
  • column damaged, cover plate missing, wires exposed
  • column damaged by a road traffic collision
  • street light head hanging off
  • traffic bollard knocked down or missing

The street light outside my house is out or faulty

Use on the Highway problem reporting form to let us know. The more information you can give the better – for example, is the light out altogether, is it flickering, is it on all day or intermittent.

Please include the number of the column if you can. If you can’t see this please give the exact location or address of the house the light is outside.

How long will it take to repair?

Where possible this will be within five working days. If there is a problem with the electricity supply we will inform the electricity company (YEDL), who aim to repair the fault within 30 working days of receiving the report.

The metal plate at the base of the column has been removed, how soon will you attend?

We will aim to attend within two hours.

The lamppost outside my house is leaning or damaged

A street lighting electrician will come out to assess the damage and decide how urgent it is.

If the column has been hit by a vehicle and is leaning dangerously, or has collapsed, we will aim to attend within two hours of being advised of the problem.

Can the street lighting in my street be improved?

All changes, including improvement requests will be considered and prioritised.

We take into account the age and condition of the existing street lights and how much light they give out. However there is a limited budget and demand for lighting improvements substantially outweighs the available funding.


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