Speed seminars

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Speeding and excessive speed are widely seen a major contributor to crashes on the road. Reducing speed by only one mile per hour is likely to reduce the total number of crashes by five per cent. Whilst most people see speeding by other drivers as a problem, they rarely see fault in their own driving.

Speeding in North Lincolnshire is tackled through the speed management strategy and a combination of:

  • publicity
  • enforcement
  • engineering
  • education

Speed seminars are an alternative to prosecution. They are offered to drivers caught speeding on camera doing over the normal prosecution level. Every driver is expected to take a full and active part in the seminar –  if they don’t it is treated as a failure. They will then face prosecution.

Using education as an alternative gives drivers the opportunity to understand the risks, dangers and possible consequences of speeding. By targeting the root causes of people’s attitude and behaviour to speeding the number of drivers re-offending has been shown to be less than if they are prosecuted.

The seminars are self-financing and any surplus money is put into road safety schemes within the Humber area.

For further information or to book onto a speed seminar course please use the link to Safer Roads Humber.

Safer Roads Humber is the regional road safety partnership. We are all road users, be it as pedestrian, cyclist, horse rider, driver or motorcyclist, and we are all exposed to the risk of using our roads. This is why road safety should be of interest to all of us.

  1. Where is the course held?
    Information about where your course will be held is included in your confirmation letter or e-mail.Maps can be found on the main driver retraining course page of our website www.saferroadshumber.comPlease note: – it is still your responsibility to ensure you plan your journey in advance. If you are late due to getting lost, any rebooking may be subject to a full rebooking fee.
  2. Can I choose the venue?
    Yes, but only if you book your place online. The online booking system will show you the available venue, time and dates which you can then select. Visit www.hpsaferroadscourses.co.ukPlease note: – it is still your responsibility to ensure you plan your journey in advance. If you are late due to getting lost, any rebooking may be subject to a full rebooking fee.
  3. Do I pay the fixed penalty fine and have points on my licence as well as pay the course fee?
    No, the driver safety course is an alternative to a fixed penalty fine.
  4. Do I need to bring my driving licence with me?
    You are required to take the photocard part of your driving licence. If you hold the old style paper driving licence you must also take some other form of photo identification such as a passport.If you have mislaid, lost or your photocard licence has expired you must contact Humberside Police immediately as you will be refused entry to the course. If you are refused entry because you did not take your photocard or it has expired any rebooking will be subject to a further booking fee.As the presenter will need to check your identification you will be asked to remove any head dress that covers your face. This can be carried out in a private room at your request. If you require someone of the same gender to carry out the identification, please contact us on 01482 399065 prior to your course.
  5. Is there a written test or role-play and can I fail the course?
    No, but you are expected to take full and active part in the course. Deliberately disruptive behaviour will result in you being removed from the course and prosecuted for the original offence.
  6. What if I can’t get time off work to attend the course?
    As you have opted to attend a course as an alternative to prosecution, work commitments will not be taken into consideration. It is expected that you will make arrangements with your employer or take leave to attend the course.
  7. What happens if I don’t turn up or I’m late?
    You must attend on your allocated time and date or you will be prosecuted for the offence you have committed. If you do not attend there will be no refund of your course fee. If you turn up after the course has started you will be refused entry and any rebooking will be subject to a full rebooking fee (less the Central Levy of £40 if this has not already been refunded). It is therefore essential you give yourself plenty of time for your journey and plan your route in advance.
  8. What happens if I have previously been offered the same course before?
    You can only attend one type of driver safety course every three years. Prosecution for the other offence will be considered. However, normally checks would have been carried out to ensure you were eligible for the course before your offer was sent to you.
  9. Are meals included?
    No.  However, refreshments may be purchased from nearby shops.
  10. Is there any childcare available?
    No. You must make your own childcare arrangements.
  11. I have special needs – can you accommodate me?
    Yes, but you must contact us on 01482 399065 to discuss this further so special arrangements can be made if necessary prior to your course.
  12. What happens if I suddenly can’t make the course, for example an emergency at home?
    You will be prosecuted for the offence you have committed. If you are ill and can produce a doctor’s certificate, another course may be offered if one is available within the specified time period (normally four months from the date of your offence). In these circumstances Humberside Police have the discretion to waive any rescheduling fees.
  13. Can I bring a friend or member of my family with me?
    No. Only you will be allowed into the course. If English is not your first language and you feel you may have difficulty in understanding the course it may be possible to take a friend with you. Please contact us on 01482 399065 prior to your course.
  14. What happens if I want to change the date of the course?
    You must attend a course within four months of your offence date. Therefore if we are able to accommodate the change we will try to do so. However, an administration cost may be charged in order to carry out the change.
  15. Where does the money go?
    Once the costs of providing the enforcement and courses have been met, money from the scheme helps develop other casualty reduction initiatives which otherwise would not happen.

As well as Speed Seminars and the Driver Alertness course there are a number of other education seminars that can be offered to clients as an alternative to prosecution. These include:

  • What’s driving us?
  • Driving 4 change
  • RIDE (for motorcyclists)
  • Seatbelt course
  • National motorway awareness course (NMAC)

For more details on all these courses go to Safer Roads Humber


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