Speed Management

Find out about speed management on North Lincolnshire roads.

Speed Management Strategy

Speeding and inappropriate speed is one of the most important road safety issues for North Lincolnshire communities. The North Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership has a speed management strategy (SMS) to deal with all these concerns in a fair and positive way. The strategy targets locations with the highest number of road casualties and worst speed offending rates.

The top 80 sites are targeted with:

  • Flashing vehicle activated signs
  • Police enforcement
  • Check your speed signs
  • Publicity

Sites 81 to 120 are targeted with vehicle activated flashing speed signs.

Roads (where there is a concern over speeding) are monitored over a seven day period using electronic traffic monitors. These give information on traffic flow and speeds. The sites are scored on the number of speed offenders, number of casualties and various other factors such as junctions and number of vulnerable road users (cyclists and pedestrians). This then creates the priority list of sites for the year.

There are over 500 locations monitored in the Speed Management Strategy [PDF, 478Kb]

For more information about road safety measures in North Lincolnshire, visit the Road Safety page.

To increase the number of sites that can be treated the road safety partnership and the our Safer Neighbourhoods team have developed the Local Speed Scheme.

This allows town and parish council’s and other community groups to hire a vehicle activated sign for a site.

These signs will only be put up where there are no other speed reduction measures in place – for example, safety cameras, other signs or police enforcement.

The exact location and settings for the sign will be agreed with the town/parish council or other organisation requesting them before the sign is put up.

The signs can be hired for three to six months and our highways team will fit and remove them.

The installation cost will be £306.25

If you are interested in the Town and Parish Local Speed Scheme or would like more details please contact us on 01724 297000 or email roadsafety@northlincs.gov.uk.

Hire costs are:

Duration (months) Cost per month
3 £139.73
4 £116.66
5 £102.82
6 £93.60

’20 is Plenty’ has been developed for residential areas where inappropriate speed is a concern and virtually all drivers live locally. It is not suitable for areas that have a lot of through traffic.

The ’20 is Plenty’ card has a front promoting the scheme and information on the back reminds drivers of the dangers of inappropriate speed on these local roads.

The scheme has been successful in a number of locations throughout North Lincolnshire where local people have distributed the cards to households. They are also displayed on notice boards, house windows and in the back windows of cars parked on the roadside.

If you would like some ’20 is Plenty’ cards for your local area please contact roadsafety@northlincs.gov.uk.

The Community Speedwatch scheme allows volunteers to address speed concerns in their community. They undertake high visibility roadside operations to educate speeding drivers with a view to improving driver behaviour. The scheme is supported by Humberside Police.

For more information and to apply for the scheme, you will need to contact your local town council. Alternatively the scheme coordinator can be reached on wayne.goodwin@humberside.police.uk.



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